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Is Bet365 Banned in Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh has introduced the Andhra Pradesh Gambling Act 2020 that specifically makes online gaming in the state illegal. That has resulted in Bet365 not accepting any players from the state anymore and to also announce the closure of existing accounts of any players that originate from Andhra Pradesh. Is Bet365 banned in Andhra Pradesh? Not specifically but the online casino has decided not to remain inside Andhra Pradesh now that this new Bill has come into force.

Is Bet365 banned in Andhra Pradesh?

Bet365 India is one of the world's biggest online casinos and is present all across the world. It has a lot of customers from India including the state of Andhra Pradesh where gambling is very popular. The bill that has come into force proposes a fine of INR 5000 and imprisonment of 1 year for first-time offenders. If a person is found to repeat the offense then the punishment becomes INR 10,000 and imprisonment of 2 years.

It is important to remember that Andhra Pradesh is not banning any website or online casino. It is just saying that people caught gambling online will be punished. It is surprising that Bet365 has taken the decision to stop accepting p[layers from the region because other online casinos have not done the same thing.

After all, the onus is on the private individual to not join the casino if the law forbids it. Also, since Bet365 and other such online casinos do not come under the jurisdiction of Indian law, they are under no obligation to share information from their database and give up any of their players to the law.

Is Bet365 banned in Andhra Pradesh? No, it is not, however, the company has voluntarily decided to stop accepting players from the state and to close down existing accounts of players from Andhra Pradesh as well.