Is Bet365 Down?

You would be hard-pressed to find another online casino and sportsbook like Bet365 India. It is home to millions of customers around the world and does business with billions of dollars every year. Yet, a website like that can also have some issues. Are you having trouble accessing Bet365? Is Bet365 down? Let us see as to what the possible problems may be.

Is Bet365 down?

Bet365 is a big enough site to be able to hire the best people, the best servers, and the best security. It is big enough that every second of downtime is an expensive proposition for the website.  Yes, even the biggest sites can do down for some time but it is unlikely. It is also in their interest to be up and to be able to accept bets from people around the world.

Still, if you find that you are unable to access Bet365 then consider one of the following possible reasons:

  • Website blocked by ISP – this is something that can happen in countries where betting online is banned or where there is a high level of censorship. Sometimes the government can give such instructions but sometimes the ISP may act on its own.
  • Blocking software – websites can be blocked by certain kinds of software on the computer. This is commonly used to provide parental control over the browser and also in offices to prevent the employees from accessing certain kinds of websites
  • Loss of internet connectivity – This may sound silly but it is surprising how many times the problem is with the internet connection. Try and open a couple of other sites. If they don't open either then your internet connection is the likely culprit.

IN general, Bet365 is unlikely to have any systemic problem from its end for a long time. The website is just too big and too successful to be offline for long.