Is Bet365 Legal in India?

Let us get one thing absolutely clear: Betting with bookmakers in India is illegal. Bet365, though, is not based in India and is not subject to its laws. This is why the answer to ‘is Bet365 legal in India’ is more nuanced. There can be different ways to approach this subject so let’s look at the simple legal arguments.

Can you gamble in India legally?

Technically, no. You can gamble in the states of Goa, Sikkim, and Mizoram but only at their Casinos. There are also around 13 states that allow lotteries legally in India.  The Supreme Court of India is keen that India should have a legal framework for regulating sports betting in the country. When that happens, of course, is anyone’s guess.

Consider these points:

  • Bookmakers based in India are illegal
  • The law specifically states gambling in physical premises in India illegal
  • No law makes online gambling illegal
  • International bookmakers are not subject to Indian laws
  • Indian can (and do) gamble abroad and bring back their winnings
  • No one has ever been arrested for gambling online in India

Let us now look at Bet365 specifically.

Is Bet365 legal in India?

It is as legal as any other online bookmaker functional in India. Clearly, Bet365 thinks Indian players can gamble online on its website legally otherwise it would bar access to them. Remember that Bet365 is a listed company in the UK and is subject to some of the strictest Gaming Laws in the world.

As of now at Bet365:

  • Indian players are welcome
  • Indian National Rupee accepted as a betting currency
  • Deposits and withdrawals are made without a hitch

In addition to all of this, just remember that Bet365 is perhaps the safest place you can put your money. It is worth billions of pounds and home to millions of customers so you can rest assured you have made the right choice.