Is Bet365 legal in Telangana?

Is Bet365 legal in Telangana?

Bet365 is one of the world's largest online casinos and betting sites. It serves millions of customers on a daily basis and handles billions of dollars. As far as safety, reputation, and reliability go, Bet365 is the gold standard. FOr a website that is so massive, Bet365 also keeps a close eye on the local laws in countries and states that it operates in. For example, if you are from Telangana, you cannot now create an account on Bet365. Is Bet365 legal in Telangana? While Bet365 itself is not banned, a new gaming law prevents people from playing online.

Is Bet365 legal in Telangana?

Online betting sites function in India because of a gray area in the law. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 came into force under British rule and has remained essentially unchanged in large parts of India. There are some parts of India that are now bringing in their own laws around gaming.

As an easy political target, gaming laws can be used to gain cheap mileage even though the reality on the ground does not change. Fears about addiction, bankruptcy, and cheating are just overblown or plain wrong.

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Telangana has brought in regulation that prevents its citizens from playing any at gaming site or app with money. That means even games of skill, as described by the Supreme Court of India, are not available in Telanagana anymore. Bet365 has taken cognizance of this law and geoblocked people from Telangana from joining its platform.

Is Bet365 legal in Telangana? While Bet365 has not been banned specifically, the regulations brought in by the state government have been enough to cause it to pull its services from the region. There is nothing much that can be done about that as a consumer and you just have to hope that the authorities see sense sooner rather than later.