Is Bet365 Live Streaming Free?

Is Bet365 live streaming free?

One of the biggest perks of having an account with Bet365 is the live streaming of sports that you get access to. Is Bet365 live streaming free? Yes, it is. Absolutely free. Free as in no extra money from your pockets.  So, how can Bet365 afford to give away this prime feature to its users? Are there any strings that come with this and how can you avail of this feature? Read on to find out.

Is Bet365 live streaming free?

Bet365 has agreements around the world to stream Live Sports like horse racing, cricket, football, motorsports, and more on its website. However, not all sporting events are available in every country. Streaming rights are complicated and often the host country of the event misses out on this free streaming.

For example, the Melbourne Derby may be available for streaming in India but not in Australia or the UK where other providers have bought exclusive rights.

How to watch live streaming for free on Bet365?

  • Firstly, Log in to your Bet365 account
  • Click on the ‘Live Streaming’ tab right at the top of the home page
  • You will see a list of events that are available
  • Click on them and the video will start as soon as the event starts

Not only can you enjoy the event but you can bet on it as well if you want. It is Bet365 after all and so the betting interface never goes away.

To watch a Bet365 Live stream you just need to meet these criteria:

  • Have funds in your sports betting account
  • Or made a bet within the previous 24 hours

Meeting just one of these requirements is enough.

Bet365 is a huge company with millions at its disposal and so it is good to see it invest some of that money into features that elevate the customer experience to a whole new level.


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