Is Betchips legal in India?

Is Betchips legal in India?

Betchips is an online casino and betting website that is registered with the Malta Gaming Authority. Is Betchips legal in India? It is as legal or illegal in India as any other online casino. This may not seem like a clear answer but it is the absolute truth. The reason behind this is that India has some antiquated gambling laws that are no longer relevant in today's world. How? Let's find out.

Is Betchips legal in India?

We think Betchips is legal in India. Since it is registered in a country where gambling is legal and holds a license, it is only beholden to that country's laws. If a company is not registered in India, does not have any servers here, or has anything to do with India, how is it expected to follow Indian laws?

The Public Gambling Act of 1867 does not mention anything about online casinos or online gambling being illegal. This is because the internet did not exist at that time but the fact is that it is not mentioned. This is the gray area in which online casinos thrive in India.

Some of the world's biggest online casinos are functioning in India. This includes Bet365, Betway, 10Cric, and others. Betchips is just as legal as any of them.

Betchips knows it is up against some tough names in the online casino business and so tries to differentiate itself by being very user friendly. It supports payment methods like Paytm, PhonePe, and other popular wallets that Indians use on a daily basis.

You can also find support and betting markets for all the popular games in India.

We think Betchips is worth a look and good as an accessory account. It may not be perfect for everybody but it can help you get some better odds than at mainstream sites once in a while.