Is Betting Legal in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra is often referred to as the richest state in the country. That is largely because it has Mumbai in its jurisdiction but also other prosperous cities like Pune and Nasik. The state has a very vibrant workforce that has more income to spend on having fun and so gaming is a fast-growing industry in the state. Is betting legal in Maharashtra? Since Maharashtra does not have any specific laws to deal with betting, casino games, or fantasy sports, it has to follow the same rules as in other parts of the country.

What does that mean? Read on to find out.

Is betting legal in Maharashtra?

Betting and other forms of gambling in India are governed by the Public Gambling Act of 1867. This was an act that was brought in by the British and has basically been in force unchanged since then. States in India have the right to form their own rules around gambling and so this is why there are different rules for different states.

Also, the Supreme Court has ruled that games of skill do not come under the laws of gambling.

If you are in Maharasthra, you can bet on Horse Racing, you can play card games like Rummy and Poker, also you can play real money contests on any of the fantasy apps like Dream11 or MyTeam11. You cannot take part in sports betting inside the state, though, as that is considered to be illegal.

There is a small caveat to that as well. Online betting sites and online casinos find no mention in the law against gambling. This is probably because there was no internet at that time, however, it also technically means that betting online is not illegal.

Is betting legal in Maharashtra? There are some things that you can bet on and not only others.