Is Betting Legal in Telangana?

Is Betting Legal in Telangana

Is betting legal in Telangana? Telangana is a state that has some truly remarkable laws and rules around gaming. There is a ban on gambling, like in most parts of the country but the state has gone one step further and brought in a law to attack fantasy sports apps like Dream11 as well. However, there are still some sorts of bets that you can make legally within the state.

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Is betting legal in Telangana?

Betting is not legal in Telangana for the most part. If you want to place a bet on cricket, football, or other such sports, you cannot. If you want to bet on a casino game like Roulette, Teen Patti, or Andar Bahar, it is not legal. If, however, you want to bet on the outcome of a horse race, you absolutely can. If you want to buy a lottery ticket, you can!

Is betting legal in Telangana? This question is more complex to answer than you would otherwise think and this is why we think it is legal to bet on certain things but not on others is the right one.

In recent times, Telangana has used the old ad quite tired stereotype of ‘corruption of the youth' as a political weapon to make all online gaming illegal. This includes things like ludo, tambola, Fortnite, or anything else that may involve the exchange of money. We find this law very hypocritical because the state-run lotteries are flourishing and there is nothing to stop the growth of horse racing in the region.

If you were really serious about banning all sorts of gambling in the state then these would on the target as well. What we really think is happening is that the state is protecting its own interests and taking out the competition.



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