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Is Betway Down?

Is Betway down? Or Is Betway banned in India? The answer is ‘NO'. No website likes to be inaccessible to customers, but that is especially true for online betting sites. Every second that they are unavailable means a significant amount of revenue is lost to them.

Just because you cannot access Betway does not mean it is down. There are a couple of other things you should check out as well. The items you need to consider are If the site is under maintenance. If so, From the bookie customer care know, what is the Betway maintenance time today, and when will it be live?

In the meantime, don't wait for the bookie to be online. As a Betway alternative, you can visit betwinner online bookie and enjoy good cricket betting odds for the upcoming championship.

Also, check if Betway is not working today, it may be because of an issue with the operator or your wifi connection. Follow the article to understand more about the current situation.

Is Betway banned in India?

On October 18th, Leading offshore gambling websites were banned by the Government of India under the IT act, 2000. But, not to worry, the Betway site is not accessible only on some Jio and Vodafone networks only. Other networks are suitable to access, and the ban is for only the specified networks.

So, for queries like “is your Betway account locked?”. No, that's not what is happening. You can access the Betway site through other Mobile networks or a wifi connection from sources other than Jio and Vodafone devices.

Laptops and browsers have specific display settings that can change without you realizing it. Try and access Betway from another device to see if it loads. You know your device settings probably need to be changed if it does.

Betting sites are often on the restrictions lists that offices apply. This is because they want their employees to stick to work-related sites in the office. In addition, parental controls, government bans, or ISP blocks will restrict your access to specific locations.

There are a few common reasons why Betway is not working today. These include:

  • Internet down
  • Display settings not correct on your laptop
  • Restrictions/parental controls on your device
  • Betway Server down

The most common reason is the first one that your internet is not working. India is where 80% of people get their internet through their mobile devices. A lack of network coverage or running out of data is a problem. So make sure your device is connected to the internet.

Alternative site suggestion – Betwinner Sports

The betwinner login is effortless, and the bookie offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to 8000 INR for its new customers. The Betwinner app is also available on both Android and iOS devices. So what else are you waiting for?

FAQs related to Betway site issues:

Betway is available in India; You need to try from other networks and wifi connections. Rest assured, Betway site-down queries are not because of a maintenance problem. It is the Government ban notification that you read above.

So here we brought you some most frequently asked questions and the queries that are in trend right now about this bookie issue. Check out:

1. Is Betway not working in India?

Betway is working fine; users can access the site like always. Visit the official website from a different connection than the mentioned networks. You can complete the Betway login, enjoy betting and also make withdrawals.

2. Is Betway a fraud site?

Betway has been there for more than decades in the online gambling industry. They offer one of the best services with betting events, promotional offers and payment methods. Just because there is a delay in the verification procedure or because the site is not loading for a bit of time, it is not right to think as a fraud site.

3. How long does it take for withdrawals through betway?

Except for bank transfers, the withdrawal happens in about 15 minutes. The Betway UPI methods are trendy, and the most followed payment method in India. If there is any issue with the longer withdrawal time or if the funds are not showing up after the deposit. Kindly contact the Betway customer care team.

Betway is one of the biggest online gambling sites in the world. It deals with millions of users and billions of dollars daily. But, unfortunately, it simply cannot afford its servers not to be working and so invests a large amount of money in preventing these things.

Our word: Is Betway opening in India?

Due to the ban, the website is not working on selected mobile networks. Also, the website has been down for a while because of the government ban and maintenance time. Soon, the Betway website loading issues will be sorted by the bookie, and the site will be live and functioning to its optimum potential.

We hope this article helps you to understand the issue. We suggest not waiting for the bookie to be live. Be assured you can withdraw your winnings through other sources like VPN or entering the site through different networks.

The notification states that other networks might soon make this restriction, so be careful with up-to-date information on the blocked networks and betting sites.