Is Betway Genuine?

There is one thing that trumps everything else when it comes to betting online: trust. If you do not have trust in a website, nothing else matters. You must be sure that you can play in a fair manner and that you will get your money when you want it. Every major betting website is able to provide this peace of mind to its customers. Betway is no different. If you wondering ‘is Betway genuine?’, you need not worry. It is as genuine as they come. Read on.

Is Betway genuine?

Without a doubt. Not only is Betway one of the world’s biggest websites but it also has a massive presence in India. There are a lot of things that will appeal to people looking to bet here. This includes:

  • Betway has been around for a long time and is not going anywhere
  • No controversies or scams
  • Plenty of methods to deposit and withdraw your money
  • Accepts INR as a betting currency
  • Available on iOS in India
  • Transparent about its bonuses and other promotions

There are a number of other high-quality betting websites in India but you will struggle to find one that is as good as Betway. All their casino games have industry-leading payouts and so customers have a fair chance of winning. Not only are all the international games present but there are a lot of locally popular ones as well such as Andar-Bahar and Teen Patti.

In addition, the customer service that Betway offers is terrific. You can use the self-help section or contact Live Chat so that your queries are taken care of instantly. There is not too much else that you can ask from a betting website.

In conclusion, Betway is the real-deal, the genuine article, and an excellent place for you to make your account. Good luck!