Is Betway Legal in Telangana?

Betway india is an excellent online casino and betting sites. In fact, we consistently rate it as being one of the best choices for people from India (and neighboring countries) because of the ease with which you can deposit money, find great odds, withdraw money, and be sure of playing in a fair environment. However, if you are from Telangana, you may not be able to join Betway any longer. Is Betway legal in Telangana?

There is a bit of complexity around this subject that you need to understand.

Is Betway legal in Telangana?

Telangana recently brought into regulation its own gaming law that targets every single online gaming opportunity and not just games of chance. That means citizens from Telanagana could theoretically be targetted by the law if they are found to playing with money on any online casino, fantasy sports app (like Dream11, MPL, my11circle, etc.), online tambola, house, or anything else.

The Supreme Court of  India has distinguished between games of skill and games of chance, however, the law that has been brought in Telanagana does not distinguish between them and that is why we don't think it will last.

What does this mean for Betway? Is Betway legal in Telangana? Betway has not been singled out by this law or any other and so it continues to be legal. However, Betway may stop accepting players from Telangana (as Bet365 has already done) to protect them and itself from any legal inquiries that may arise.

We don't think Betway is going to land into any legal trouble because it ensures it stays on the right side of the law even if it has to err on the side of caution. If you already have an account at Betway and are from Telanagana, you may want to withdraw your money just so that it does not get stuck.