Is Betwinner Legal in India?

Betting online in India has become very popular as people realize the advantages. You can bet from the comfort of your home, get paid without any trouble, and not have to deal with any potentially dangerous elements of society. What about the legality of online betting in India, though? Is Betwinner legal in India? The answer to that is not very straightforward, unfortunately. Read on.

Is Betwinner legal in India?

Betwinner is as legal as any other online betting site in India. Let us be clear, gambling is illegal in India but there is nothing in the law that outlaws online casinos or online betting sites.

This is a gray area admittedly but one that has allowed some of the best online betting sites in the world to accept customers from India.

Also, there are some important questions that do not have a clear answer.

Is gambling online at a website that is registered in a country where gambling is legal wrong? People go abroad and gamble in Vegas, Macau, or play the lottery in the UAE. They often end up winning massive sums of money and bring it back to the country.

How is playing online at a website legally registered different?

The truth of the matter is that while we don't think it is different, the view of the law may be different, and so you have to judge the risks for yourself.

The facts are that online gambling is getting more and more popular in India. As of now, no one has been booked for betting online in India. Ever. That does not mean it is not going to happen but it does indicate that it is not a priority for the authorities.

This is why we think that Betwinner is as legal or illegal as any other website that accepts players from India.