Is Cricbuzz a India app?

Cricbuzz is one of the most popular apps for following cricket. They made their name by making a lightweight app that was faster than anything the competition could throw at them. Is Cricbuzz a India app? Yes, it is. It is an Indian app that gives precedence to Indian cricket but also covers almost every single competition and match in the world in great detail.

Is Cricbuzz a India app?

Cricbuzz was the original challenger to Cricinfo and even though it struggled in the initial years, it now has more people using its app than any other cricket website in the world. Cricbuzz made its name by focussing on speed and an app that loads instantly.

As Cricinfo got bloated, cricbuzz continued to add readers. Now, to be clear, we do not think that the editorial content of cricbuzz is anything close to what cricinfor puts out, however, that gap is narrowing. Cricbuzz now has Harsha Bhogle as its brand ambassador and has also invested in getting a number of cricketers on board. We think the quality of the editorial content could be a bit better but that is a subjective thing.

Is Cricbuzz a India app? An example of just how Indian cricbuzz is that it stopped covering Pakistan cricket completely in the aftermath of a terrorist attack on India believed to be perpetrated by Pakistani militants. Usually, cricket websites do not get into politics and just report on the game but by taking this stance, cricbuzz made it very clear where its loyalties lay.

We do believe that it is one of the best apps that you can have on your phones if you want to check out scores quickly. If, however, you are interested in reading about the leading cricket writers or want a more nuanced look at cricket then cricbuzz may fall a bit short of your expectations.