Is Cricket Betting Legal in Australia?

Australia is a nation that is obsessed with sports. In fact, it is one of the most successful sports-playing nations on earth when you take its relatively small population size into consideration. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Australia and the country has dominated it at the international level for quite some time now. Is cricket betting legal in Australia? Yes, it is although there are a few legal considerations you must know.

Is cricket betting legal in Australia?

Australians love a bet and you will be able to find legal avenues to place bets in most parts of the country. Sports betting is completely legal in Australia and this is why websites like Bet365 are hugely popular. While betting on cricket, racing, and other sports is legal, there are some laws regarding the kinds of promotions or casino games that can be offered.

That is not really your concern, though, and more about the online casino owners to think about.

Cricket is actually Australia's national sport and it is said that the Australian cricket captain is second just to the Australian Prime Minister in terms of the importance of his role! While there are newer sports that are competing for the attention of the public like Basketball, Soccer, and AFL, the popularity of cricket is quite entrenched.

League like the Big Bash have attracted family audiences around the country and have helped involve a lot more girls in the sport than ever before. Is cricket betting legal in Australia? It is in the overwhelming majority of the country. You can place single, multiple, accumulators, or any other kind of bets that are offered to you by the bookmakers in the country.

Good luck and remember to have fun. Also, keep the inherent risk in placing a bet in mind.