Is Dafabet Legal In India?

Is Dafabet Legal In India?

You may have seen the Dafabet name on EPL team shirts or a number of other leading sports leagues. Dafabet is one of the biggest betting sites in the world and it has a flawless reputation. It is no surprise then that Dafabet has customers from around the world, including India. But what about the legal aspect, though? Is Dafabet legal in India? Can you use it without any trouble? Here is our take on it.

Is Dafabet legal in India?

Dafabet is as legal or illegal as any other online betting site in India. The law against gambling in India is a bit unclear. Betting on sports is illegal in India but there is nothing in the law against online betting sites. In addition, the matter gets a lot more complex when you consider the fact that these websites hold legal licenses in countries where gambling is legal.

Since websites like Dafabet are not Indian or have servers in India, do they come under Indian law?

We know that people from India often travel abroad to gamble. Vegas, UAE, or even South East Asia has many licenses that Indians travel and play at regularly. Stories of Indians winning lotteries in the UAE are often in the newspapers.

So, how is betting on an online casino different?

This is the gray area that all the online casinos function in. Recently, fantasy sports websites have also got approval from the Supreme Court to function as they are seen as a game of skill. India seems to be on the way to make sports gambling legal but is not quite there yet.

Up until that time, since the law is a bit unclear and so can be seen in any way that you want to. No one in the history of Indian law has gone to jail for betting online. Make of that what you want!

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