Is Dream11 Banned in Andhra Pradesh?

Dream11 is the biggest fantasy sports platform in India. It had the first-mover advantage and advertised aggressively capture a major chunk of the market. However, as the platform has amassed popularity across the country, there has been some pushback from legal challenges as well. One of the places that have brought in a law specifically targeted against online gaming is Andhra Pradesh. Is Dream11 banned in Andhra Pradesh?

Dream11 itself is not banned, however, users from there are still not going to be able to get the full experience on the app.

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Is Dream11 banned in Andhra Pradesh?

Dream11 or for that matter any other fantasy sports app or online betting sites has not been banned in Andhra Pradesh. Every single one of these apps is free to offer their services but almost all of them have chosen not to. Why is that? That is because of the Gaming Law that has been brought in last year that makes playing any online game with money at stake illegal.

That means online casinos, fantasy sports, tambola, and rummy have all been lumped into the same bracket. Andhra Pradesh has not distinguished between games of skill or games of chance or anything at all. The law seems to be tenuous and poorly worded. It is also going to be very difficult to actually implement. one of the provisions in the law is that the government can hold the provider of the game responsible and this is why Dream11 (and other gaming apps) have all removed their paid contests from Andhra.

Is Dream11 banned in Andhra Pradesh? Not technically, however, you are not going to be able to enjoy the full experience. In our opinion, this is a poor and backward step by Andhra Pradesh that will only give momentum to the black market.