Is eSports Betting Safe?

Betting on sports is an ancient practice, with historical records showing people betting on the Gladiator games in ancient Rome, and Greeks betting on sports during the ancient Olympics. With time, sports have changed, but the popularity of betting remains unchanged and has rather evolved. Today, one can bet on a huge number of sporting events being held around the globe, thanks to online betting sites. One of the recent entrants in the realm of sports betting is esports. So, Is esports betting safe?

We think it absolutely is.

Is esports betting safe?

Yes absolutely, just like betting on any other sports, betting on esports is safe, provided that you are dealing with a legit and regulated sportsbook.

Most popular online sportsbooks like betway, bet365, and 10cric have esports sections, where one can find popular esports games as well as tournaments to bet on. In fact, betway sponsors a number of esports teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas, Made in Brazil, and Invictus Gaming. Betting sites like Unikrn are heavily focussed on esports betting, having an exhaustive list of esports betting markets.

Popular esports games to bet on

Nowadays, there are many games that you can bet on, including shooter games, multiplayer online battle arenas, and sports games. Some of the most popular ones include Dota 2, CS:GO, Fortnite, Rainbow 6, FIFA, and NBA. All year round developers of different games conduct different leagues and international tournaments of their respective games

Esports betting markets

Is esports betting safe? Just like other sports, you can place a number of bets on esports, including outright tournament winner, match winner, as well as live betting markets like who will make the first kill, the total number of kills odd/even, who will win the first map, or who will score the first goal. The live betting markets differ according to different games and tournaments on which bets are placed.