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Is Gambling Legal in Mumbai?

Mumbai is the financial nerve center of India. It is called the city that never sleeps, it is the home to the movie industry, and some of the richest people in the world call it home. Mumbai is also known to be a city where people from all over the country come to fulfill their dreams. Gambling and betting also have a large aspirational factor attached to them. People are looking to move up quickly in life using their knowledge and luck which we find nothing wrong with. Is gambling legal in Mumbai?

Let us see what the law says right now.

Is gambling legal in Mumbai?

Gambling is officially not legal in Mumbai. The city or the state of Maharashtra does not have a separate law dealing with online gaming and so the main law governing gambling is the Public Gambling Act of 1867. This is why we believe there is no problem with online gambling if you are from Mumbai. The ancient Public Gambling Act has been basically in force without being updated for the last 140 years.

While that law comes down heavily on gambling within the country, it says nothing about gambling online. This can be because there was no such thing as the internet during that time but the Indian government has had a lot of time to try and amend that if it wished to do so.

This is why online betting sites and online casinos from all over the world offer their services to Indian players. We think it is the same as going abroad and playing at a casino in Vegas or Macau, which people from India do very regularly.

Is gambling legal in Mumbai? While gambling in Mumbai is not legal we think you can gamble online without any trouble and legally. Check it out for yourself.

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