Is IPL Betting Legal?

IPL is India's biggest T20 tournament and perhaps, the world's biggest as well. The reason for its success is that people in India follow their teams very closely, even those that do not have a direct franchise to follow. It is obvious then that people are going to bet on the outcome of IPL matches. However, is IPL betting legal? Is there a way that you can get on the IPL without getting in trouble? Read on.

Is IPL betting legal?

Betting in India is illegal but there is nothing to stop you from betting online. This is why some of the biggest betting websites in the world like Betway and Bet365 are functioning in India. These are websites that cover the IPL in great detail with multiple betting markets on each match.

Are you doing something illegal when you use these online betting sites?

This answer lies in ta gray area of the law, however, we don't think it is illegal. Not only are you not breaking any laws but you are also just doing what people traveling aboard already do. You must have read stories about people winning lotteries in UAE or winning the jackpot in Vegas. All of these people get their winnings back without any trouble and so betting at an online betting website should be seen in the same manner.

After all, these websites are not Indian, they hold licenses in countries where betting is legal, and so do not come under Indian law.

In addition, you can bet on the IPL using legal means of depositing and withdrawing money.

People bet thousands of crores of rupees on the IPL every season. Most of this is done offline because people are not aware they have better options available to them at all. Betting online on the IPL is something that can be seen as legal by many experts. Good luck!