Is IPL Scripted?

Is IPL scripted?

The IPL is the biggest T20 tournament in the world. It is even bigger than the T20 World Cup and so it attracts interest from all over the world and not just in India. There have been some unsavory instances around the IPL, though, most notable of them by the owner of CSK was booked for betting and one where Sreesanth was banned for spot fixing. Is IPL scripted? Is the result of every match known in advance?

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Is IPL scripted?

No, it is not and we can say that with absolute certainty. Only someone that does not follow cricket or has ever played it would say such a thing. Cricket is played with 22 players on both teams, three umpires running the game, and in front of millions of keenly observing fans.

Also, the teams are comprised of players from all over the world, all of whom are highly paid, and have no real financial motive to take such a risk with their careers.

To imagine that there is a deep controversy involving every single one of these stake holders is just insane! Yes, instances of spot fixing have come out but that is impossible to stop. Even spot fixing can be detected, though, ironically thanks to the help of the online betting companies that take bets on the IPL.

How? Casinos like 1xBet, betway, or Bet365 have advanced algorithms that keep a track of any unusual betting patterns as may come about when someone has advanced notice of an event that is going to happen. often such betting companies are the ones that alert the ICC and their anti-corruption unit about the possibility of something underhanded going on.

Is IPL scripted? While it may be popular to depict so in shows and on debates, the truth is that there is no way the IPL is scripted.

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