Is it Legal to Bet on the Cricket World Cup Online?

Cricket as a sport has three distinct formats, rare among world sports, and each of them have their own pinnacle tournament now. The T20 and the 50 over format have their World Cup and so one always seems to be around the corner. That has not diminished the enthusiasm that people have for the World Cup, though. Betting on the biggest tournament in the sport is popular and always seems to attract a lot of people. Is it legal to bet on the Cricket World Cup online?

Read on to find out what the law says.

Is it legal to bet on the Cricket World Cup online?

Betting on cricket is a bit complicated in India. The Public Gambling Act makes betting illegal inside the country, however, that law does not say anything about betting online. This probably because the law came into being in 1867 and there was no internet at that time!

This has left a gray area which the biggest online casinos in the world are exploiting.

Websites like Bet365, Betway, 10Cric, and more all accept customers from India. They believe that since they are not registered in India, they are not regulated by Indian laws. Betting on one of these foreign websites like gambling in Macau or Las Vegas. Indians travel abroad all the time and do this without any fear of reprisal so why should betting online be any different?

Is it legal to bet on the Cricket World Cup online? According to us, it is completely legal. You can easily make an account and start placing your bets online. Not only do you not have to come in contact with anyone else but you also get access to a fair and transparent market.

Of course, we are not legal experts and would advise you to seek a professional legal opinion for further clarity on the matter.