Is it Legal to Play with Casumo in India?

Casumo may be a new name to the people of India but it is one of the biggest casinos in the world. It is also a new age casino that has managed to distinguish itself with some unique offerings that other competitors just do not offer. It is no surprise that the company is getting a lot of new customers in India. As far as online casinos go, we have no hesitation in ranking it among the best available. Is it legal to play with Casumo in India? We think it is.

The question of law governing online casinos in India is a bit tricky and may require an expert legal opinion, which we cannot offer. This is our understanding of the current situation.

Is it legal to play with Casumo in India?

The laws around gambling in India are pretty old and archaic. The Public Gambling Act 1867 is the primary act that bans gambling inside the country. There is no mention of an online casino or gambling online in the Act because there was no such thing as the internet back then.

Therefore, there is nothing that makes an online casino not registered in India illegal. Secondly, an online casino like Casumo which is registered in Malta and the UK does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Indian authorities. It is like going abroad and gambling in Las Vegas or Macau.

Also, we seem to have noticed a softening in the stance of the Indian government in recent times. Online casinos are being allowed to advertise on TV during prime time and it seems as the government is happy to let things stay as they are.

Is it legal to play with Casumo in India? We believe that to be the case, at least at the Federal level. Certain states may have their own laws regarding the issue.