Is it Possible to Cancel a Bet at CampoBet?

Is it possible to cancel a bet at CampoBet?

Placing a winning bet on any event, whether on a sport or a non-sporting event, requires quite a bit of research. At times, it may so happen that after placing a bet, you would want to change it after getting some new information regarding the event, or you may want to cancel your bet altogether. Is it possible to cancel a bet at CampoBet?

Read on to find out.

Is it possible to cancel a bet at CampoBet?

According to the rules mentioned on the Campobet website, it is not possible to cancel a bet, or change it, once it is placed. It is therefore advised to players to be absolutely sure about placing the bets and check all details before making the bets.

Players can however use the Cash out option available on some of the pre-match as well as live bets, to get better control over their bets.

What is the cash-out option?

Cash-out is an option available on many sports betting sites including Campobet, where players can collect their winnings before the event is entirely played out.

In the case of pre-match bets, you can cash-out until the start of the event, while in the case of live bets, the cash-out option can be used till the time that the market is available for betting.

It must be noted that not all bets can be cashed out, in case of multiple selections, the bet can be cashed out only if all the selections are eligible.

The winnings are calculated according to the prevalent real-time odds at the time of cashing out, and not the odds at which the bet was originally placed.


Is it possible to cancel a bet at CampoBet? On Campobet, where you cannot cancel your bets, cash-out is a great way of settling your bet early and collecting your winnings, if you feel that the end result may not be in line with your original prediction.

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