Is it Safe to Give Bank Details to Dream11?

Is it safe to give bank details to dream11?

Dream11 is completely legal in India and within the purview of the law. That means it can function with freedom and is actually providing a lot of revenue to the government in terms of taxes. To play Dream 11, you need to deposit some money, for which there are some very easy to use methods. If, however, you want to withdraw your winnings (which we believe everyone does!), then you will need to add your bank details as well. Is it safe to give bank details to dream11? We believe it absolutely is.

Is it safe to give bank details to dream11?

Yes, it is safe. Just as you transact with a banking app or a UPI app, Dream11 also has the same level of security that is in-built. We are not talking about a small-time operator here either. Dream11 is valued at well over a billion dollars and most experts believe that this is just the start of its growth.

Dream11 has access to a huge population of customers that do not have easy access to other gaming options right now. Yes, the growth of online casinos in India has been rapid but it is going to require some regulatory changes for them to be able to compete with Dream11 on an even footing.

Is it safe to give bank details to dream11? Yes. Dream11 is going to keep your information safe and will ensure that it is not shared with anyone else. We all take a risk when we share any information online but there has been no reason or breach of security on the part of Dream11 right now.

If you are planning to make a withdrawal, then make sure that you have completed your KYC so that the transaction can be processed without any trouble.  Good luck!

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