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Is Leovegas Down?

DISCLAIMER: LeoVegas has stopped its activities in India. We recommend to register with Dafabet instead.

Leovegas is one of the most fun online casinos that we have played at. It is safe, trustworthy, and offers one of the best online casino experiences that you can find anywhere. If you are having trouble accessing Leovegas then the problem may be at your end. Is Leovegas down? That is unlikely just because of the sheer size of the website and the resources at its disposal.

Is Leovegas down?

If Leovegas is down, it is going to return to normal in a few minutes if not seconds. If, however, the problem persists then it is unlikely that the problem is with Leovegas. Consider these possible reasons:

  • Your internet connection is unstable – In a country like India where a lot of people are using the mobile internet, sometimes the coverage of the internet can be a bit mixed. You may have experienced a drop in the internet connection. Just make sure that you have an active data plan and that you are in an area of good network coverage.
  • The ISP has blocked the website – There are some countries where online casino sites may be banned. They are not banned in India since online casino sites operate in a bit of gray but legal area. Blocking a website at the ISP level is difficult to get around and you have to use a proxy server to try and do so.
  • Office network with restrictions – If you are trying to access Leovegas from your office network or from one of your work machines then you may find yourself unable to do so. Office systems and networks often have restrictions that prevent employees from accessing certain kinds of websites.

We advise you to just wait and try to access Leovegas after a few minutes. If the problem is with heir servers, it will be resolved in a very short amount of time.