Is MPL a Safe App?

MPL or the Mobile Premier League has been very aggressive about making its presence felt in a crowded fantasy sports market. MPL has Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador and so it is definitely not short on visibility right now! What kind of an app is it, though? Is MPL a safe app? Are the games on offer fair to the players? Do you have a good chance of winning?

Let us try and answer these questions and more for you.

Is MPL a safe app?

We think MPL is a safe app, however, it is a bit different than others like Dream11 or MyTeam11. instead of just allowing people to pick their teams from their favorite sports, MPL actually offers up versions of some popular games and then allows the players to compete for their prizes.

From one perspective, this is actually more skill-based than other fantasy sports where luck plays a huge part as well.  On the other hand, these games are less transparent than the others since you are not always going to be playing against human opponents. There are several games where you will be playing against a computer opponent and it is not clear how much of an edge MPL has in those contests.

Is MPL a safe app? We don't think you need to worry about the safety of your money at all with MPL. There is quite a lot of funding that has gone into MPL and India is also keeping a close regulatory eye on the apps. Since fantasy sports are considered to be games of skill, they can raise money without any trouble and are currently the favorite of investors around the country.

Give it a shot then and we think you may end finding some games that you enjoy playing. You may even end up making a decent bit of money as well!