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Is MPL Banned in Andhra Pradesh?

MPL or Mobile Premier League is a popular fantasy gaming app that has Virat Kohli as one of its brand ambassadors. It has grown in popularity across the country as the entire Fantasy Sports market has grown close to 212% year or on year for the last five years. If you are from Andhra Pradesh, though, you cannot access MPL. Is MPL banned in Andhra Pradesh? While MPL specifically is not banned in Andhra, a recent law has made it illegal for people to access it and can also end up targeting the owners of the MPL app itself.

Is MPL banned in Andhra Pradesh?

As things stand, MPL is banned in Andhra for all effective purposes. The Andhra Gaming Bill 2020 seeks to make it illegal for any person found to be playing online games with money. It does not distinguish between games of skill and games of chance. This is different from what the Supreme Court of India has suggested, however, states have the right to frame laws around gambling in their territories.

The Andhra Pradesh Gaming Bill 2020 suggests a fine of INR 5000 and imprisonment of up to 1 year for the first offense and a double of that for anyone found to be indulging in the same once more. There is also a provision in the law where the owner of the website or app can be pulled up.

This is why MPL is not available for people in Andhra at all. Is MPL banned in Andhra Pradesh? The app makers have geotagged their app to not accept any new registrations from Andhra Pradesh. Any existing players cannot join a game that involves any sort of money exchange either.  For all intents and purposes, MPL or any other fantasy app cannot function inside Andhra Pradesh and so can be considered as being banned.

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