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Is MPL Illegal?

MPL or the Mobile Premier League is a popular fantasy sports app. It allows people to compete in contests by paying a small amount of money with a chance to win a much larger amount if things go their way. if, however, you from Andhra or Telangana, you cannot enter any of the paid contests on MPL. Is MPL illegal? Not, it is not, however, the laws in certain states have undergone a change and affected the availability of these gaming apps.

Is MPL illegal?

No, it is not. The Supreme Court of India has ruled that fantasy sports games are games of skill and so they do not face restrictions that other gambling apps do. Also, more recently, Niti Aayog, the policy framing body of the government has advocated different state governments to treat fantasy sports apps with a light touch as they see this industry being a real growth engine for the economy in terms of attracting FDI and creating jobs.

Is MPL illegal? No, clearly not then. However, there are a few states in India like Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, and Tamil Nadu that have brought in legislation in recent months that bans all gaming apps, irrespective of whether they have been termed as games of skill or games of chance.

This is different from what the Supreme Court has advocated and we think this will eventually have to change.

Even in those states, though, the legislation does not make MPL or other fantasy sports apps illegal. These apps are not banned but people who are found playing on these apps may be subject to punishments and fines. This is why the app makers themselves have restricted access to their products in certain regions until there is more clarity on the matter.

if you are not from these states, though, enjoy playing MPL without any worries.

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