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Is my11circle Safe?

My11circle is a new fantasy gaming platform in India. It is not as big as Dream11, however, it is gaining some momentum. There are a number of big-name cricketers that are a part of its advertising campaign and that has helped attract a number of new customers. Also, it helps that my11circle is offering up prizes that are better than Dream11 and a lot many more bonuses as well. Is my11circle safe? Is your money going to be safe?

We have the answer.

Is my11circle safe?

My11 circle is one of the best fantasy-based platforms in India. It is well-capitalized and is associated with some of the biggest names in cricket. getting such names on board is only possible if you have a decent amount of money to spend.

Also, myteam11 has been active for quite some time now and we have never heard of any player not getting his or her money as promised. One of the most attractive things about the platform is the chance to win 3x your investment just by getting more points than the ones runs by their celebrity endorsers.

Every person that has tried this and won has got paid on time.

Also, fantasy platforms are well-regulated in India. They cannot risk incurring the wrath of the courts because it will kill their highly profitable business. There is no gambling in India and so all of the money that people want to play with is being spent on these fantasy platforms. India is a huge market and my11circle is just getting started.

We think it has a lot of years of high-growth in front of itself and will be around for a long time. Is my11circle safe? We think it is absolutely safe and encourage everyone to give it a try for themselves. There is nothing to lose!

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