Is Parimatch legal in India?

Is Parimatch legal in India?

Parimatch is an online betting company that is taking a large interest in India. In fact, it has been buying ad space on some of Indian television's biggest events to try and get its name out in front of the public. Is Parimatch legal in India? While betting is not legal in India, Parimatch is trying to exist in the same gray space as the other players. Online betting is not technically name in the law against gambling and it can be seen as not being illegal. Whether it is completely legal is a whole another argument.

Is Parimatch legal in India?

That is a difficult question to answer because there are some terms and conditions attached to it. The advertisements that Parimatch was running in India likened it to a competitor to something like Dream11 or other fantasy apps. That is a space that Indian courts have found to be legal as they have been termed as games of skill.

Parimatch, though, is primarily a gambling company that is trying to get people on to its platform. It is as legal or illegal as any other online betting/online casino company. you will have to do further research on your own and perhaps take a legal opinion but in our minds, it is certainly not illegal.


T&Cs, time limits and exclusions apply.

Parimatch was formed in 1994 and operated under a Cyprus gaming license. This is not a very difficult gaming license to get but it does come with a few minimum rules that companies have to adhere by. At least some protections for the players would be in place because of that.

We like the website and we like the fact that it is openly courting Indians. That means players will be able to enjoy good bonuses and easy banking features, both of which can be hard to find.