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Is Rummy Passion Safe?

Ever since the Supreme Court of India has exempted Rummy from the gambling laws, and made it legal to play real money Rummy games online, the popularity of online Rummy has soared exponentially and you can find many Rummy websites and apps on the internet. One such popular Rummy platform is Rummy passion. Is Rummy passion safe?

Let’s find out.

Is Rummy passion safe?

Yes, Rummy passion is absolutely safe to use and play with. In fact, it goes to great lengths to ensure the safety and security of its users.

All the data exchanged with players is secured using industry-standard state-of-the-art SSL encryption. This makes the data extremely difficult to hack while in transit.

Also, to ensure that all the games are conducted in a fair and transparent manner, Rummy passion uses sophisticated Random Number Generator software, which is certified by iTech Labs from Australia, which is an independent testing agency. The RNG ensures that all the cards dealt to the players are completely random, with no bias towards any player or seating position on the table.

The platform also follows safe banking practices to make sure that the details of players, like account numbers and credit/debit card details, mobile numbers, as well as passwords, are safe from phishing or hacking attempts.

Lastly, Rummy passion also follows Responsible Gaming initiatives, like a proper KYC system to ensure that all the users playing real money games are above the legal age of 18. It requires players to submit proof of age as well as proof of residence before carrying out any banking transaction so that no illegal activities can happen.


Is Rummy passion safe? All in all, Rummy passion is a secure gaming site, where players can enjoy real money games, either on its website or through its dedicated apps for Windows, Android, or iOS devices.