Is RummyCircle Legal in India?

Rummy is a popular card game in India. People play it while gambling just as they would something like Poker. You can play rummy with friends, at a casino, or online. Interestingly, the Supreme Court of India reckons that Rummy is a game of skill and so does not come under the restrictions that other gambling games do. Is RummyCircle legal in India? Technically speaking, it absolutely is.

Is RummyCircle legal in India?

Rummycircle is a popular app that allows people to play rummy with their friends or other rummy lovers from across the country. The app saw a massive boost in popularity during the pandemic when people were stuck inside and had nothing to do.

In recent times, though, there have been a few regions in India that have implemented their own state laws that target online gaming apps such as Rummycircle. As a result, people from the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Sikkim, and Tamil Nadu cannot play paid games on Rummycircle. They can play free games on its without any trouble, however nothing with money at stake.

So, Is RummyCircle legal in India? Yes, we continue to believe that Rummycircle remains legal inside India even though there are some states that are restricting access to it. This is because the state laws do not target Rummycircle or any other gaming apps specifically. The law is meant to make all gaming apps inaccessible to the people of their states.

The reason for doing so is that people from their states are getting addicted to these apps and so the law will protect them. Unfortunately, it is only going to push these youth into the arms of gray market gambling dens that can be a lot more unsafe than online apps could ever be. The move is eventually going to backfire spectacularly for sure.