Is Skrill Banned in India?

Today, the use of cash is on the decline, and we are gradually moving towards electronic payment methods. Even in countries like India, where cash is still used in abundance, people have become more accepting of digital payments, thanks to the various initiatives launched by the government. Digital payments around the world have become quite easy, thanks in part due to e-wallets like Skrill. So, can you use Skrill in India, or is skrill banned in India?

It is pretty straightforward!

Is skrill banned in India?

No, Skrill is not banned in India, and it is absolutely legal to use Skrill for making online payments in India.

About Skrill

Skrill is a UK based company, offering various digital payment solutions, including e-wallets, payment gateways, and prepaid cards. Skrill is one of the most commonly used modes of deposits and withdrawals, for online gaming platforms like betting and gambling.

One of the reasons for the widespread use of Skrill for such transactions is that you can carry out your transactions by just entering your e-mail ID or phone numbers. Funds can also be transferred from your personal bank account to an overseas bank account.

Using Skrill for online payments adds an extra layer of security to your financial details, as you do not need to enter your bank account or card details on the website where you are making the payment.

Skrill allows transactions in more than 40 different currencies, and Skrill users can even buy or sell cryptocurrencies by using the platform.

Is skrill banned in India? In some regions, individuals can also obtain a Skrill Card, which can be used to make payments at locations that do not list Skrill as a payment method. The Skrill card can also be used to withdraw cash from ATMs. The company also runs a loyalty program for its regular customers, wherein customers can get points, which are later converted to cash vouchers.