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Most Wickets in a single day of Test Match

The first Test match between South Africa and Australia witnessed a major difficult play for the batters from both sides. The Gabba pitch was a difficult one to play on and the 1st day witnessed a fall of 15 wickets between both teams.

Pacers from both sides got extra support from the pitch and hence the test match was over in just two days. On the first day, South Africa was all out for 152 runs and Australia ended the day with a score line of 145 at a loss of 5 wickets. Both the teams found it difficult to score boundaries and rotate strikes.

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5 Test matches where more wickets fell than they were expected to

Test cricket is one of the most challenging formats of cricket. It tests the real talent of a player and in turn, keeps a check on the patience of the team. In the past as well, Test cricket has witnessed low-scoring days. You can find the best betting bookies here.

We have compiled a list of 5 Test matches where more wickets fell than they were expected to:

5) 23 Wickets – South Africa vs Australia, Day 2, 1st Test, 2011

The list starts with the same opponents but when both the squads used to have some of the legendary players in their teams. Back in 2011, Australia was touring South Africa and the fixture was scheduled to take place at Cape Town. Nobody expected that the Australian squad would be back to the pavilion with a very small score of 47 runs in their second innings.

However, even South African players found it difficult to play in their first innings and they were done with a score of 96 runs. All thanks to Graeme Smith and Hasim Amla, South Africa ended up the chase in their 2nd inning comfortably.

4) 24 Wickets – India vs Afghanistan, Day 2, 1st Test, 2018

Afghanistan is one of the teams in international cricket known to give shocks to some of the best teams in the world. Since they arrived at the global platform, Afghanistan has produced some of the best players in the world and their rise has been phenomenal.

However, they witnessed a tough situation in their first Test game ever and which was being played against team India in 2018. The inexperience and inability to play Test cricket were visible as the Afghan team was completely dominated by the Indian bowling on day two. Even four Indian wickets were also part of the overall count of 24 wickets on day 2.

3) 24 Wickets – England vs Australia, Day 2, 3rd Test, 1896

Test cricket is the oldest format of the game and it has been there since the day Cricket went global. England and Australia have been two arch-rivals since the old days of cricket and every time they come to play against each other, they always become a thriller to watch.

During the 3rd Test in 1896, 24wickets fell on day 2 of the game. England dominated day 2 of the game as they outnumbered the Australian lineup for just 44 runs.

2) 25 – Australia vs England, Day 1, 2nd Test, 1902

After the 1896 fixture, Australia and England made another record while England was on a tour of Australia. This time it was the Australian side who dominated the game from the day when a total of 25 wickets fell.

England scored 61 runs in 15 overs and Australia scored 112 runs on Day 1of the test match. The match was taking place at Melbourne Cricket Ground which is also one of the most historic cricket grounds in the world.

1) 27 Wickets – England vs Australia, Day-2, 1st Test, 1888

Before 1896 and 1902, Australia and England already made the record which is still unbroken in the history of Test cricket. Australia’s Charlie Turner and J.J. Ferris didn't allow the English batters to settle down on the pitch. England’s inning was over at a nominal score of 53 & 62.

The Match was held on the famous Lord’s Cricket Ground and it must be the biggest shock for the hosts. Read such similar articles on cricket matches and other sports.

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