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Nellai vs Dindigul TNPL 2022 Predictions 30.06.22

The TNPL, one of the most famous T20 leagues in India, Tamil Nadu Premier League has begun and has completed 6 matches now. Today we are going to talk about the NRK vs DD TNPL 2022, the 7th match of the season. This is the most favorite match for most of the bettors as the best teams of the series are playing in it.

The 7th match of NRK vs DD TNPL 2022 has been scheduled to happen on 30th June 2022. The game will be held at NPR College Ground, Dindigul. The match will begin at 3.15 pm sharp IST.

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NRK vs DD TNPL 2022 Match Odds

Nellai Royal Kings is one of the legendary cricket teams in the TNPL cricket series. The team has a huge fan base and they are pretty brilliant in almost all the matches. The team is led by Baba Indrajith and he is a well-known captain to takes the team to win a place at even the toughest times. The fans are really excited about the coming match.

Dindigul Dragons on the other hand are not any less of a team than the NRK. They are equally capable and have a brilliant player portfolio. The team is very confident and their captain M Shahrukh Khan is so talented that the bettors really count on him while he is on the field. Fans are really excited to witness what they are going to achieve.

NRK vs DD TNPL 2022 Betting Odds

The Nellai vs Dindigul TNPL match odds are as follows:

  • Nellai Royal Kings – 1.56
  • Dindigul Dragons – 1.65

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NRK vs DD TNPL 2022 Match Pregame Analysis

NRK – The Nellai Royal Kings really rule the TNPL as of now as they have won both the matches they have played. The team is backed up with amazing talent. the NRK has brilliant batsmen like Sanjay Yadav and Baba Aparijith. Coming to the bowlers, the team has the best of it like Davidson and Sanjay Yadav.

NRK vs DD TNPL 2022 login

DD – the Dindigul Dragons are also at their best this year. They have one match out of the two matches they have played. The team is going to prove themselves in their next match as they have the best batsmen like Hari Nishaanth and Rajendran Vivek. The bowlers are not any less, they are Rangaraj and Sailambarasan.

NRK vs DD TNPL 2022 Head-to-Head Stats

  • Matches Played – 5
  • NRK Won – 2
  • DD Won – 3
  • Match Drawn – 0

NRK vs DD TNPL 2022 Fantasy Team Prediction

NRK: Ajithesh, Aparijith, Arya Yohan, Davidson A, Akash Dev, K Easwaran, NS Harsih, Indrajith Baba, Sanjay Yadav, Neranjan, and Rooban Raj.

DD: Advaith Sharma, S Arun, Ravichandran Ashwin, Hari Nishaanth, Karthik Saran, Rangaraj, Sailambarasam, Suresh Lokeshwar, Kishan Kumar, and Mani Bharathi.

Our verdict – NRK will win the Game

When you look at the odds, you will feel that the DD team is above the NRK team, This year it is going to be different as the NRK team is much better than last time.

We would like to believe that, the NRK team has an 85% chance that it will win the NRK vs DD TNPL 2022 match. All the bettors can trust the odds above and bet on the team.

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