Google Pay Betting Sites

Google Pay is one of the most used betting payment methods in India. It is used for safe and secure e-transactions with minimum processing time. With an increase in the online betting industry in India, the payment methods that bettors use in general are also added for their flexibility of choice. Hence, Google Pay, popularly known as GPay, is part of India's accepted betting payment methods.

Google Pay is the simplest way of fund transfer. The users benefit from time conservation and can enjoy the company's various rewards. Using this for betting makes it a smooth deposit experience without going through a tedious process.

This page discusses the best betting sites with Google Pay methods. You can also find info on downloading and creating an account on the Google Pay app and adding your bank account. The deposit and withdrawal processes on the best betting sites in India through this user-friendly e-wallet will also be explained.

What is Google Pay?

GPay or Google Pay is a digital wallet developed by Google that swiftly transfers online money. Even though the initiation of this peer-to-peer payment method was in 2011, the full-fledged mobile app came into existence in 2019.

Earlier, betting sites used to accept and support traditional methods like bank transfers and online banking. However, with changes in technology and the more accessible the lives of their bettors have become, GPay betting sites have gained popularity.

The GPay limit per day is considered reasonable. This makes it an added advantage for Indian punters to enjoy the maximum amount of their betting withdrawals. There is no processing fee, and the processing time is primarily instant. In addition, GPay allows you to keep track of your expenditures through its record-keeping feature.

Is it safe to use Google Pay?

Google Pay betting apps or sites are famous because sometimes bookmakers verify the account of the e-wallet with the details provided by the bettors to create a gaming account. The e-wallet ensures that the transaction details are properly secured from external risks.

casumo google pay payments

The company understands the privacy needs of its users. Google Pay privacy policy clearly states how the information collected from its users is used, how well it is protected, and how one can deactivate and delete their account if they want to. This shows the transparency of the company.

Data privacy is maintained through the encryption of the information. Furthermore, the company has features like safe browsing, security checkup, and a two-step verification process to protect the user's account.

In addition, it ensures continuous digital and physical monitoring to prevent unauthorized system entries. You can find more information under the privacy section of the company's website.

Google Pay App Download

The main motto of this e-wallet is to enhance the ease of online money transfers for its users. What would be a better option to do this than through the GPay app?

The Google Pay app is the most luxurious experience for performing e-transfers and enjoying other services. It also lets the gamblers grab their profits as quickly as possible, whenever and wherever they want.

The app is available to both Android and iOS users. They can download the Google Pay app directly from their native stores, Google Play Store, and Apple Store. The installation of the app starts automatically after you click on the download option.

First, you can set up an account using your existing Gmail or Google Drive. Then, add your bank account or bank cards and enjoy online gambling.

How to use the Google Pay app?

Let us now see how to use this Google Pay app in general and for betting specifically.

You can immediately use the app free of charge after downloading it. All you need to do is enter your phone number and sign in with your Google account, as mentioned above.

Verification of your phone number is necessary to enjoy the services. The phone number on the app should be the same as your bank account.

The GPay app allows UPI transactions, but for that, it is essential to have a UPI pin for your existing bank account. You also can use a debit or credit card. Then proceed with adding a bank account, securing your account, and e-transfers.

To make a GPay deposit on betting sites, select the payment method as GPay or UPI on your gaming account on the betting site. If you are to choose UPI, select GPay under the options provided.

We will discuss this in more detail in the following section about the deposit and withdrawal processes on Google Pay betting sites.

Creating A Google Pay Account

The basic process of creating an account on the GPay app is straightforward. We have already discussed the initial step, where you would enter your phone number and verify it.

After that, it is necessary to add a bank account or bank cards to transfer the money so let us move to that process.

bollybet google pay betting

The steps to add your bank account on the GPay app are as follows,

  • Open the GPay official app.
  • Click on the bank account option on the top-right corner of the app page.
  • Click on the add bank account option.
  • Choose the bank of your choice. You cannot use the app if your bank is unavailable.
  • Choose the account of your choice from the list provided.
  • Verifying your Google Pay account requires adding your bank card details.
  • Create a UPI to secure your account. Use the existing UPI pin of your account or create a new one based on your choice.
  • Click on the new payment option and choose the mode of payment to send money from anywhere to anyone in the country.
  • Secure your account with a security password for existing mobile or new ones as per your choice and a UPI pin for your transactions.

How to do the Google Pay login?

The Google Pay login is a simple process. The app stores your credentials and doesn't require a unique login process. Instead, it would help if you used your existing pin, fingerprint, or password.

However, if you get logged out or the session expires, then the login process is as follows,

  • Open the Google Pay app.
  • Choose the language of operation and the currency you wish to work in from the list provided.
  • Enter your registered mobile number.
  • Choose your Google account.
  • Accept the Google Pay account terms and conditions.
  • The app sends an OTP to your mobile for verification.
  • Enter the OTP and choose the bank of operation.
  • The app automatically updates your bank and previous transactions and allows you to proceed with new transfers.

Best Google Pay Betting Sites in India

Now is the time to discuss the best betting sites with Google Pay as one of the best betting payment methods. As mentioned above, the Google Pay account is sometimes used to verify your online gambling account. Therefore, choosing a GPay betting site depends on several factors.

These can be the betting bonuses it provides, the sports betting markets and online casino games that allow the maximum profit margin,  and other features like live betting, online forums, etc.

Our team of experts has come up with the following list of the top three Google Pay betting sites in India for your reference.

Casumo Google Pay Payments

Casumo India is one of the increasingly popular betting sites. It offers fantastic casino games with HD quality. Cricket betting odds and live updates of different sports betting markets make the bookie special.

It accepts several betting payment methods, of which GPay is one. The bookie keeps the bettors center of focus and develops its features and functions around it.

You also can enjoy its services on the casumo app, where deposits and withdrawals are quick. Do visit the official website to download the app and enjoy quality betting.

22bet Google Pay Payments

22bet app and website is one of the best betting platforms with incredible odds. The bookie is known for its sports betting and even has a special news section that gives live updates on the sports world. You also have a dedicated customer service team that is quite responsive.

22bet app gpay

The app is one of the best betting apps in India. The app structure is highly optimized, and the security the bookmaker provides is top-notch. You can easily do GPay withdrawals and deposits within the specified limits. Do download the app on your Android or iOS devices, as it is available for both.

Bollybet Google Pay Payments

If you want to bet on a bookmaker that is developed for Indians, by Indians, then go for bollybet India. It has a complete Bollywood-style infrastructure, accepts INR, and also provides live games in the name of famous Bollywood titles.

The bookie uses various payment methods to make it easier for its users to bet on different sports and casino markets. Google Pay betting is also a part of it.

In addition, the bookmaker ensures data privacy through SSL encryption and has a dedicated team monitoring fraudulent activities.

The app is yet to be developed, as the bookmaker is still in the growth stage. However, you can enjoy modern betting on the bollybet mobile site, which doesn't require any storage space on your phone.

Deposit Money On Google Pay Betting Sites

The money deposit on Google Pay betting sites is relatively easy. The process is pretty much the same for all bookmakers, which will be discussed below.

However, different betting sites have other deposit limits. Similarly, the Google Pay transaction limit and betting sites vary from country to country.

The simple steps involved in depositing money on the GPay betting sites are as follows,

  • Visit the bookmaker that you wish to bet on.
  • Please create an account and verify it.
  • If you already have an account, sign up.
  • Verification of your account is a crucial step to depositing and enjoying your winnings.
  • Go to your account and choose the deposit option.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Select the payment method as Google Pay or GPay on the list provided and deposit and bet on your favorite sports or casino events.

How to do the Google Pay Withdrawal?

The GPay withdrawal from betting sites is a rapid process that takes minimal processing time. Usually, the processing time varies between 15 minutes to 24 hours, much less than traditional bank transfers which can take days.

The following set of instructions will help you out with Google Pay withdrawal,

  • Go to the required betting site.
  • Open your gaming account.
  • Choose the withdraw funds option.
  • Select the amount you wish to withdraw based on the bookie withdrawal limit and the Google Pay limit per day.
  • Select the payment method as GPay in the options provided and withdraw funds.

Google Pay Customer Care

Google Pay has a highly sophisticated parent company that ensures its users are heard. This is the reason behind the company providing a detailed FAQs section that answers any question of yours. The questions range from trivial to complicated ones.

If you still feel your query is not answered, can you click on the ‘contact us' option under ‘need more help?' on the official website. The first step you will find is the question from the company asking you what they can help you with.

The GPay app lets you chat with the Google Pay customer support team. You have to wait less than a minute to get your response. The app also provides you with the Google Pay customer care number you can contact to clarify your doubts.

The Google Pay customer number is 1-800-419-0157.

How to contact GPay customer care?

Let us see how you can contact the Google Pay customer care team without hassle through your app. The app makes it as easy as possible and it doesn't take much of your time.

The steps in contacting the support specialist team of GPay are as follows,

  • Open the GPay app.
  • Tap on your profile picture to open your account.
  • Go to the setting section.
  • Click on the Help and Feedback button.
  • You can find answers to any query that you have got.

If you have any issues with transactions, go to the history of your account. Select the transaction you have a problem with. At the bottom, you would find the “having issues?” option. Click on it and follow the instructions that you see on-screen.

Our Word – Google Pay Betting Sites

Google Pay betting sites are one of the trending platforms where bettors can enjoy quick and safe deposits and withdrawals. The GPay app is one of its parent company's most sophisticated e-wallets with a high-tech protection system.

The GPay betting sites ensure that the bettors have good deposit and withdrawal limits. This makes it the most popular betting payment method the bookmakers have to offer. The app is very safe to use and any financial history of the bettors is not shared between both parties.

Creating a Google Pay account and adding a bank account or bank card for the transactions is easy. Moreover, it facilitates UPI transactions with password protection. Download the app immediately and enjoy the Google Pay betting sites in India.