Lahore Qalandars
Lahore Qalandars

Qalandars vs Sultans PSL T20 Finale 27.02.22

After a lot of twists and turns, we finally are here at the most entertaining season finale of the Pakistan Super League. The LAQv…

Who would play against Sultans in PSL 2022 finals 27.02.22?

Multan Sultan Fans are the happiest right now as the team has successfully reached the PSL 2022 finals of the PSL tournament. Well…

Who is going to make it to PSL 2022 Qualifier 23.02.22?

The PSL tournament has started a long time ago in January 2022 and it's already the end of February month. This means that the PSL…

Lahore vs Islamabad PSL T20 19.02.2022

The PSL tournament is on fire and currently, it is the 27th match that is making a buzz around the town. It is the LAQvsISU PSL 20…

Lahore vs Quetta PSL T20 Predictions 13.02.2022

The LAQvsQUG PSL 2022 is here again after the previous match where the latter defeated the former with a narrow score of 7 wickets…

Lahore vs Multan PSL T20 Predictions 11.02.2022

It is the LAQvsMUS PSL 2022 we are talking about. The Pakistan super league has begun and it is running rapidly. Currently, we are…

Quetta vs Lahore PSL T20 Predictions 07.02.2022

The PSL is Pakistan's most famous tournament and it has begun long ago and it completed 14 matches already. The 15th match is the …

Islamabad vs Lahore PSL T20 Predictions 05.02.2022

The PSL 2022 has begun in January and is going to be on the news till February and the tournament is currently ongoing. They have …

Peshawar vs Lahore PSL T20 Predictions 02.02.2022

The PSL tournament is going on at a fast pace and it already completed more than 7 matches. The 9th match is what everyone is wait…

Karachi vs Lahore PSL T20 Predictions 30.01.2022

PSL 2022 has begun and is running interestingly. It has a total of 34 matches from January 27 to February 27th. There are 6 teams …
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