India vs Namibia T20 World Cup

The last match of the Super 12 phase is here as India take on Namibia. This could be a game that India need to win to qualify o…

New Zealand vs Namibia T20 World Cup

New Zealand claimed a second successive victory in their super 12s campaign when they beat Scotland to make themselves the favouri…

Pakistan vs Namibia T20 World Cup

Pakistan will be looking to cement their place in the semi-finals of this year's T20 World Cup as they take on Super 12 minnows Na…

Afghanistan vs Namibia T20 World Cup

As we get into the thick of the Super 12 phase, two sides who are trying to make history by professing further than any other non-…

Scotland vs Namibia T20 World Cup

The stage is set for the battle between the minnows - Scotland vs Namibia. This match will take place at Sheikh Zayed Stadium on 2…

Ireland vs Namibia T20 World Cup

We have entered the final round of round 1 games in group A, and next up is what we expect to be a thriller in Ireland vs Namibia.…

Namibia vs Netherlands T20 World Cup

Two teams that suffered losses in their opening group games meet in this crucial Group A clash - Namibia vs Netherlands. Both team…

Namibia vs Sri Lanka T20 World Cup

On Monday 18th October, the second match in Group A will be played - Namibia vs Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka are in the tournament's first…

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