How to bet on CPL 2022 through ekbet India?

Among millions of online betting sites, Ekbet India is one of the best online betting sites as it is the most qualified and one of the best betting sites in India. The bookie has the best offers and the latest ekbet CPL 2022 betting bonus is very famous. The main objective of the bookie is to deliver a high-quality entertainment playground.

The online bookmaker's market has a very large and diverse playground. Daily, more than 200 events take place. Slot machines, casinos, sports, horse racing, volleyball, and other games are all available.

Keep reading the article to know more about the site, login process, app, and much more. You will also learn how to ekbet CPL 2022 betting in India.

How to do the Ekbet CPL 2022 Betting in India?

To do the ekbet CPL 2022 betting on India's most famous online betting India site, you need to have a bookie sports account first. The process is straightforward and quick to do for the bettors' convenience.

ekbet CPL 2022 betting login

The bookie allows smooth navigation and is very structured guiding you through it. Follow the steps below to do the ekbet login:

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on the Join now button on the right top corner.
  • The registration form pops up in the window.
  • Fill in your details like Player Id, Password, Email Id, Mobile No.
  • Enter the Validation code displayed.
  • Click on Join Now.

As you have now become a member of the bookie, you have access to all the CPL exclusive content. Keep reading further to know about the ekbet CPL 2022 betting process and much more.

How to Download the Ekbet Mobile App in India?

Thankfully, one of the online bookmakers, Ekbet India, offers cricket betting apps for both Android and iOS users. The ekbet apk download process is straightforward. Apk Download is appropriate for Android versions 4.0 and up, and iOS Apk is supported for versions 8.0 and up.

Follow the steps below to do the ekbet app download:

  • Visit the official website
  • You can see a taskbar with options listed side-by-side.
  • In that list, you should click on the ‘Mobile’ tab.
  • The page reverts to two different sets of QR codes, one for Android and the other for iOS.
  • Android users can open a QR Scanner on their mobile and scan the android code on the screen, likewise, iOS users have to scan the iOS code from the screen.
  • After scanning the code, it prompts you to visit a website.
  • On that website, you can see 2 options for download for android and iOS respectively.
  • Download the required app and Enjoy.

How to Claim Ekbet CPL 2022 Betting Bonus?

Well, the CPL is a unique season to place some bets and earn huge amounts of money. You can bet on any of your favourite teams and based on the odds, you will get your returns on the amount you have invested.

ekbet cpl 2022 betting bonus

Follow the below steps to do Ekbet CPL 2022 betting and claim the ekbet promotions:

  • Login to the ekbet app.
  • Deposit INR 300 to your favourite team.
  • Place the minimum bet of INR 300 on the match chosen.
  • If your prediction is right, you will win a free bet up to INR 20000.
  • Bonus varies on the amount deposited.
  • Winners have announced every day before 3 pm IST.
  • The winner's ID will be displayed in the winner tab.

To be eligible for the Monthly Jackpot lucky draw, make predictions for every game and get 5 of them right in a week with at least 30,000 in turnovers at any ekbet sportsbook.

Isn't it amazing? Join the site immediately and log in to start the ekbet CPL 2022 betting. Do not forget to claim the free bet bonus offer specially designed for the CPL 2022 season.