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How to Download Cricbuzz App?

How to Download Cricbuzz App

Cricbuzz is one of the most popular cricket platforms in the world. It provides live updates, new stories, written and video editorial content, and a lot more every single day to millions of users. Cricbuzz made its name as a faster alternative to cricinfo and while we do not think it matches up in terms … Read more

What is Cricbuzz?

What is cricbuzz? Cricbuzz is one of the most popular cricket platforms in the world. It started as a website but it was always designed for a mobile interface and that is where it really got the momentum going.  While the basic aim of cricbuzz was the provide live scores in a light and resource … Read more

Is Cricbuzz a India app?

Cricbuzz is one of the most popular apps for following cricket. They made their name by making a lightweight app that was faster than anything the competition could throw at them. Is Cricbuzz a India app? Yes, it is. It is an Indian app that gives precedence to Indian cricket but also covers almost every … Read more

How to Watch Live Match on Cricbuzz?

How to Watch Live Match on Cricbuzz

The best way to watch a match is with friends, possibly at the stadium or a bar but that is not always possible. You have to be able to watch cricket on the go with even a moderately busy lifestyle. How to watch live match on Cricbuzz? Well, cricbuzz has expanded its video offerings a … Read more

How to Remove Ads in Cricbuzz App?

As life limps back to normalcy, and we get back to our workplaces and offices, it might be difficult for us to watch over favorite cricket matches live. This is where the cricbuzz app comes in handy. Available for both Android as well as iOS devices, it gives us up-to-date scores of ongoing matches. The … Read more

How To Comment on Cricbuzz App?

CricBuzz app is one of the most popular platforms for getting up-to-date scores of cricket matches, as well as keeping yourself updated about upcoming games and tournaments. The platform has various innovative features which keep its users engaged. One such feature is the ability to share your thoughts on an ongoing match. You can do … Read more

How Does Cricbuzz Earn Money?

Cricbuzz is one of the most popular cricket portals on the internet, providing sports fans with match scores and updates on the go, and that too free. So how do they do that? How does cricbuzz earn money? How can they afford to give free services to fans? How does cricbuzz earn money? There are … Read more

How to Get Live Cricket Score Cricbuzz App?

Cricket is by far the most popular game in India, and in the entire Indian subcontinent. With a jam-packed cricketing schedule each year, fans do not want to miss the action and want to be up to date with the scores. It is not possible to be watching the match live on the TV every … Read more