Can I Use Dream11 Outside India?

Dream11 is India’s biggest fantasy sports platform and has crores of users. In fact, Dream11 has become pretty much synonymous with the fantasy sports space thanks to its brand recognition, aggressive sponsorship deals of the biggest tournaments in the country, and eye-catching marketing campaigns. It has become so popular, in fact, that people outside of … Read more

Is Dream11 Banned in Tamil Nadu?

Is Dream11 banned in Tamil Nadu? or is it legal to play there? Let’s find out through this article. Dream 11 is one of the most popular real money online fantasy gaming platforms in India and is legal to play in India, thanks to various court judgments exempting it from the gambling laws. But in … Read more

Is Dream11 Banned in Andhra Pradesh?

Dream11 is the biggest fantasy sports platform in India. It had the first-mover advantage and advertised aggressively capture a major chunk of the market. However, as the platform has amassed popularity across the country, there has been some pushback from legal challenges as well. One of the places that have brought in a law specifically … Read more

Is Dream11 Legal in Telangana?

Is Dream11 Legal in Telangana

Dream 11 is a household name now, thanks to its aggressive marketing campaign, and it’s brand ambassador M. S. Dhoni. It was also the title sponsor of the recently concluded IPL. While it is an Indian fantasy league operator, Is Dream11 legal in Telangana? Read on to find out. Is Dream11 legal in Telangana? While … Read more

Dream 11 vs my11circle. Which one is Better?

Dream 11 vs my11circle

The fantasy gaming industry is booming in India. There is no traditional gambling inside the country and so apps like Dream11 or My11cricle are the only avenues where fans can place some money on the outcome of the game. Of course, they also have the choice of betting at online casinos and websites like Betway … Read more

How Can I Get Dream11 Promo Code?

How Can I Get Dream11 Promo Code

Dream11 is arguably the most popular fantasy gaming platform in India, thanks in no small part to it’s brand ambassador, M. S. Dhoni. How can I get Dream11 promo code? There are a couple of different ways that work. Read on. How can I get Dream11 promo code? Dream11 runs various promotions time and again … Read more

Is Dream11 Gambling?

Is Dream11 Gambling

Dream11 is the most popular fantasy gaming platform in India. In fact, its numbers are right up there with some of the biggest platforms in the world. As more and more people join this seemingly harmless game, they have started to ask one question: Is dream11 gambling? Is this something that needs a closer look … Read more

Has Anyone Really Won in Dream11?

Has Anyone Really Won in Dream11

Dream11 is one of the first fantasy-based apps that has got approval for functioning in India. It has been regarded as a game of skill, but we all know that it is basically treading a very fine line to distinguish itself from gambling while being the exact same thing! There is some mistrust around Dream11. … Read more

Is it Safe to Give Bank Details to Dream11?

Dream11 is completely legal in India and within the purview of the law. That means it can function with freedom and is actually providing a lot of revenue to the government in terms of taxes. To play Dream 11, you need to deposit some money, for which there are some very easy to use methods. … Read more

How Do I Pick the Dream11 Team Today?

How do I pick the dream11 team today? Dream11 is the most popular fantasy platform in India by a huge margin. It had the first-mover advantage and has continued to stay ahead of the competition. There are many people that play dream 11 daily and an entire industry of sorts has emerged around helping you … Read more