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The Ashes

Top Five Ashes Controversies in the Last Decade

Top Five Ashes Controversies

The Ashes series is highly competitive, with both teams vying for supremacy. The desire to win and the pressure to perform can sometimes result in players crossing the line of acceptable behavior. Instances of sledging (verbal abuse), aggressive on-field confrontations, and unsporting conduct have occurred in the heat of the battle. The series also attracts … Read more

5 Greatest Knocks Of Joe Root In Ashes

Joe Root Top 5 Knocks in the Ashes

When it comes to Test cricket, Joe Root has achieved remarkable success. He has amassed a prolific run tally and has consistently been England’s leading run-scorer. Root is known for his elegant strokeplay, impeccable technique, and ability to score runs in all conditions. He has scored numerous centuries and has a Test batting average that … Read more

Ashes 2023: Who has won the most Test series

Ashes 2023_ Who has won the most Test series between England & Australia

The Ashes is the most historical Test series which takes place between Australia and England. It is the only Test series between the two nations that is taking place for more than two centuries. The Ashes define the rich history of Test cricket and the intense historical rivalry between England and Australia. The first match … Read more

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