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Tips to Play Virtual Cricket on Bet365?

Virtual sports are a new addition on online betting sites like bet365, where one can place bets on simulated games. One of the most popular virtual sports on bet365 is virtual cricket. Tips to play Virtual Cricket on Bet365?

We have you covered. Read on.

Tips to play Virtual Cricket on Bet365?

Betting on virtual cricket is just like betting on a normal game of cricket, with a number of different betting markets. You can however increase your chances of winning by sticking to a few basics

Spread out your bets

Rather than betting your entire bankroll on a few bets, it is always better to spread out by placing smaller wagers on multiple bets. Virtual cricket on bet365 has a number of different betting markets, providing you ample betting opportunities.

Stop chasing losses

It is often seen that when someone loses a bet, they place the wagers even more aggressively in a bid to recoup their losses. However, more often than not, it will result in more losses, and you will be putting good money after bad.

If you have had a losing streak, the sensible thing would be to take a break, get your mind together, and start again with a fresh mind. This will help you think more clearly and sensibly.

Back the favorites more often

In real-life cricket, no one has control over the outcome of a match, and we have often seen the underdogs beat overwhelming favorites at times.

While virtual cricket outcomes are completely random too, the computer programs which control the games are often weighted in favor of the favorites. While the odds may be considerably shorter, and you make a lesser profit, it is nevertheless better than losing money.


Tips to play Virtual Cricket on Bet365? While the above-mentioned tips may help you increase your chances of winning, one must remember that virtual cricket is still unpredictable, and there are no guarantees of making money.