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Top five longest match-winning streaks in Premier League history

The Premier League season is at the halfway stage at the moment and Arsenal are flying high. Nobody thought that the Gunners would be on the top of the table with five points clear of champions Manchester City with one game in hand.

However, there is still plenty of time for changes as the league will surely be going to be decided in May. However, as the things stand – Arsenal are looking more than capable of going all the way.

They have only lost one match in the season so far and are looking damn solid. Miker Arteta man will be hoping that his team can go on a good winning streak so that there are no late surprises.

Before the season started all the top bookmakers in India had made City the favourite for the title but as things stand almost all the odds by online bookies are on Arsenal's side. So it is to be seen whether Arsenal can hold on to the lead and go all the way. The fans are excited and so we are.

Top five longest match-winning streaks in EPL

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top five longest match-winning streaks in the Premier League.

5) Manchester City – 15 Matches

Manchester City and Liverpool dominate this list. This was their most recent streak as they won 15 on the trot. It started with a 1-0 win at Southampton and ended when their arch-rivals Manchester United defeated them 2-0. With 86 points. City went on to win the EPL that season. Manchester United finished second.

4) Manchester City – 15 Matches

Manchester City once again went on a 15-match winning streak. Before they were stopped at 15 victories on August 17, 2019, City, which had just ended a record-breaking winning streak in 2017, was once more creeping toward a record. However, Tottenham Hotspur had other plans as they held them to a 2-2 draw.

3) Liverpool – 17 Matches

This was one of Jurgen Klopp's best campaigns with Liverpool. He completed a 17-game winning streak but fell short of winning the Premier League title that season. However, once against Manchester United were there to spoil the party as they held them to a 1-1 draw at Old Trafford.

2) Manchester City – 18 Matches

Manchester City, under Pep Guardiola, were class apart in 2017. By making it 18 games they are joint holders of this record along with Liverpool. Guardiola did this after that time Premier League champion Chelsea had won the title by 15 points. And Pep made a statement in style as they finished the season with 100 points and outstanding 106 goals.

1) Liverpool – 18 Matches

Man City's winning run was matched by Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool. They won the title this year and this was one of the most amazing seasons in Liverpool's history. This winning run began with a 2-1 victory over Spurs at Anfield. Surprisingly, the run came to an end as they were thrashed by Watford.

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