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Top Five Bowlers with fastest to 50 T20I wickets

Bowling in T20 international cricket is not just about containing runs but also about taking wickets, applying pressure, and executing strategies effectively. Teams with a well-rounded bowling attack are better equipped to succeed in this fast-paced and dynamic format of the game. A couple of tight overs or early wickets can shift the momentum of the game significantly.

Bowling performances can uplift the spirits of the bowling team and demoralize the opposition. Bowlers are often called upon to deliver under high-pressure situations, especially in close matches. Their ability to stay composed and execute their plans is crucial in such scenarios.

However, a disciplined bowler will always be successful in picking up wickets from any kind of situation. Here is a list of 5 bowlers who reached the fastest 50 wickets in the T20 international cricket. The top bookmakers in India have a betting market relating to top bowling performance with them.

5) Rashid Khan – 50 Matches

Rashid Khan is known for his variations, which are crucial in T20 cricket. He has a quick-arm action and a tight wrist position, allowing him to generate significant turns and bounce from a relatively short run-up. One of Rashid Khan's strengths is his ability to bowl accurately even under pressure. His control over his line and length allows him to keep the batsmen in check and build pressure by maintaining a consistent line of attack. The Afghani spin maestro reached 50 international wickets in 50 matches and achieved the target while playing against Bangladesh in 2018. Overall, he has picked up 130 wickets in 82 T20 internationals at an economy of 6.16.

4) Imran Tahir – 31 Matches

Imran Tahir was known for his distinctive leg-spin bowling style. He was a prominent figure in limited-overs cricket, especially in T20 leagues and One Day Internationals (ODIs). Tahir was known for his quick-arm action, which generates additional pace on his deliveries. This speed, combined with his spin, made it challenging for batsmen to pick the length and direction of the ball. While playing against New Zealand in 2017, Imran Tahir reached his 50 wickets milestone in T20 international in just 31 matches. Overall, Tahir picked up 63 wickets in 38 T20i matches at an economy of 6.73.

3) Kuldeep Yadav – 30 Matches

The journey of Kuldeep Yadav with Team India has been an inspiration for the young cricketers. From getting dropped from the team to making a stunning comeback to international cricket, Kuldeep has really worked hard on himself. It is because of the same dedication and discipline, Kuldeep reached the 50-wicket milestone in just 30 matches while playing against West Indies in the 3rd T20. The achievement took time but Kuldeep maintained positivity to make sure he is not getting derailed from his objective.

2) Mark Adair – 28 Matches

Ireland is known to stun some of the biggest teams in international cricket. It was possible because of the few talented players they have in the team. One of them is their pace bowler Mark Adair. Mark has the ability to generate both swing and seam movement with the cricket ball. This movement off the pitch and through the air makes him a challenging bowler to face, especially in conditions that support such movement. While playing against Sri Lanka in T20 World Cup 2021, Adair achieved his 50-wicket mark.

1) Ajantha Mendis – 26 Matches

Mendis was known for being an unorthodox spinner who introduced a new dimension to spin bowling. He was one of the pioneers of a style known as “carrom ball” or “doosra,” which involved using finger and wrist movements to impart spin on the ball in unconventional ways.

While playing against Pakistan in T20 World Cup 2012, Mendis reached the 50-wicket mark and that was his 26th T20 international. Overall, Mendis has been part of 39 T20i and has picked up 66 wickets at an economy of 6.45.

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