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Two Biggest Weakness and Strengths of Virat Kohli

Kohli's prowess with the bat is legendary. He is renowned for his impeccable technique, insatiable hunger for runs, and unmatched consistency across all formats. His ability to adapt to different formats and conditions makes him a batting icon. 

Kohli's impact on and off the field cannot be overstated. He has become a global cricketing icon, with a massive fan following not just in India but around the world. His dedication to fitness and his relentless pursuit of excellence have set new standards for professionalism in cricket.

In recent times, Virat Kohli has been inconsistent and has not displayed the similar ferocious batting that he used to few years back. In this article, we have collected his two biggest weaknesses and strengths in international cricket. The top bookmakers in India have World Cup odds on their platforms. 

Two Biggest Weakness of Virat Kohli

Playing against Spin Attack: Kohli's struggles against spin are not a glaring weakness, but they do exist. Historically, he has been known to occasionally falter when facing top-notch spinners who can exploit the conditions favouring them. 

According to stats in 2023, Virat’s strike rate slows down in front of spin attack as compared to the pace bowling. Virat’s strike rate against spin bowling in 2023 is 113.46, whereas against pace bowling it is 163.

One of the primary reasons for Kohli's difficulties against spinners lies in his technique. 

While he possesses a wide range of shots and exceptional footwork, he can occasionally be drawn into playing across the line or reaching out for deliveries that turn sharply. On challenging tracks, spinners have found success by targeting these areas of vulnerability.

Playing Against Left-Arm Seamers: While it's crucial to note that this weakness is relative and by no means a glaring flaw in Kohli's batting arsenal, it has been observed that he has faced some challenges when confronting quality left-arm seam bowlers. 

This susceptibility has been more noticeable in Test cricket, especially during overseas tours. His stats against left-arm seamers are weak as he has been dismissed 102 times across all the formats by left-arm seamers. 

Two Biggest Strengths of Virat Kohli

Playing Against the New Ball: Virat Kohli's mastery of the bat, especially when facing the new ball, is a sight to behold in the world of cricket. One of his standout strengths as a batsman is his ability to tackle the challenges posed by the early stages of an innings. 

Kohli's success against the new ball can be attributed to his impeccable technique and exceptional shot selection. His footwork against fast bowlers is flawless, allowing him to get into perfect positions to play every ball on merit. He combines solid defence with elegant drives through the off-side, showcasing his adaptability to various conditions.

Handling the Pressure: Virat Kohli's ability to perform under pressure has become legendary in the world of cricket. He thrives in situations where the game's outcome hangs in the balance, and his remarkable composure and mental strength make him a true master of high-pressure cricket. 

One of Kohli's defining traits is his unwavering self-belief. When the stakes are high and the situation demands a match-winning performance, he often rises to the occasion. His confidence in his abilities, combined with a strong work ethic, allows him to remain focused and make crucial decisions calmly.

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