What Are Alternative Outcomes in 1xbet Cricket?

In spite of being a relatively new entrant in the international online betting industry, 1xbet India has achieved popularity in countries like India, thanks to its huge betting portfolio, especially for cricket. Punters can bet on lots of betting markets on a particular match. One such market is alternative outcomes. What are alternative outcomes in 1xbet cricket?

Let us try and help you understand.

What are alternative outcomes in 1xbet cricket?

Alternative outcomes markets are similar to over/under bets that you see on other online sportsbooks. One of the most popular alternative outcomes market on 1xbet is player performance. Player performance points are awarded on the basis of a particular player’s performance during a match. Like with fantasy cricket, each run, wicket, catch, and stumping fetches points, and at the end of the game, the top performer is decided.

In such alternative outcomes market, punters can place wagers on a particular player scoring points above or below a pre-set threshold. For example, in an IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals, one can place a bet on whether Rishabh Pant will be awarded more than 35.5 points or less.

The threshold is typically set at a decimal number, which in this instance is 35.5, to avoid any confusion. Since points cannot be awarded in decimals, punters are essentially placing bets on the player scoring 35 points or less, or, 36 points or more.

What are alternative outcomes in 1xbet cricket? It is something like the over-under market.

Cricket betting on 1xbet

The huge variety in types of bets that one can place on cricket matches makes 1xbet a must-try for all punters. One can place bets on match winners, toss winners, score at the end of power-play, method of dismissal, etc.

In addition to cricket, you can also bet on a host of different sports like football, tennis, basketball, hockey as well as horseracing. 1xbet also offers great betting bonuses to first-time players on its platform.