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What Are Different Types of Ducks in Cricket?

Getting out on a duck in cricket is a batsman's ultimate embarrassment. It signifies a score of zero, failing to contribute to the team's total. The dreaded “golden duck” on the first ball adds insult to injury. It's a moment that haunts players and fans, a symbol of missed opportunities.

However, there are less number of cricket fans who are aware that there are in total 8 types of ducks in cricket. Here is a list and detailed explanation of all the types of ducks. The top bookmakers have a wide range of betting markets with them.

1) Golden Duck

In the world of cricket, a “golden duck” is a term that sends shivers down the spine of any batsman. It's a situation where a player is dismissed on the very first ball they face in an innings, registering a dreaded zero on the scoreboard.

This abrupt exit from the crease, often a result of a poor shot or a brilliant delivery by the bowler, is a source of immense embarrassment for the batsman.

The golden duck represents a squandered opportunity to contribute to the team's score and can leave a lasting mark on a player's psyche, serving as a stark reminder of their momentary lapse in focus and skill.

2) Silver Duck

In cricket, a “silver duck” is a term used to describe a dismissal in which a batsman is out on the second ball they face in an innings, scoring zero runs.

While not as infamous as the golden duck (getting out on the first ball), the silver duck still carries a sense of disappointment and frustration. It signifies a brief and unproductive stay at the crease, often due to a lapse in concentration, great delivery by the bowler, or poor shot selection.

Batsmen aim to avoid both golden and silver ducks, as they symbolize missed opportunities and contribute nothing to the team's total score.

3) Bronze Duck

Bronze duck refers to a batsman's dismissal on the third ball they face in an innings, resulting in a score of zero runs. While not as well-known as the golden or silver ducks, it still signifies a quick and unproductive stint at the crease.

A bronze duck typically reflects a lack of batting prowess or a challenging pitch, leaving the batsman and their team disappointed with their early departure.

4) Diamond Duck

A “diamond duck” in cricket occurs when a batsman is dismissed without facing a single delivery, often due to a run-out or stumping before they've had a chance to bat. This is an extremely rare and unfortunate occurrence, representing a complete absence of contribution to the team's score.

Much like a precious diamond, a diamond duck is a rare gem, but not one a batsman aspires to achieve.

5) Royal Duck

A royal duck is a term used when an opening batsman of significant stature or reputation is dismissed without scoring any runs. This type of duck adds a touch of irony to the dismissal, as it highlights the fall of a renowned opening batsman without making any meaningful contribution.

A royal duck is a reminder that in cricket, no one, not even the best, is immune to a disappointing performance.

6) Laughing Duck

Laughing Duck is a very rare phenomenon that occurs in international cricket. When a batsman gets out on zero just to end an innings, it is called a Laughing Duck.

7) A Pair in Cricket

In cricket, scoring a “pair” refers to a rare and undesirable feat where a batsman gets out for a duck (zero runs) in both innings of a match. It signifies a complete lack of contribution across the entire game and can be a source of embarrassment for the player.

A pair is a stark reminder of a challenging match where the batsman struggled to make an impact on the game's outcome.

8) King Pair in Cricket

In the world of cricket, a “King Pair” is the most daunting scenario for a batsman. It occurs when a player is dismissed for a duck (zero runs) in both innings of a match on the first ball. This ignominious feat is an emphatic symbol of batting failure and is extremely rare, earning its regal title.

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