What are the Best Fantasy Baseball Betting Sites?

Fantasy sports is a relatively new concept in India and has gained some traction just in the past decade. However, fantasy gaming has been popular in countries like the USA, where the earliest fantasy leagues were started as early as the 1960s. While in India, cricket has been the favorite sport of fantasy players, other games like baseball are gaining popularity too. What are the best fantasy baseball betting sites?

Let’s find out.

What are the best fantasy baseball betting sites?

In the USA, the daily fantasy sports market is dominated by two major players, Draft Kings and Fan Duel, which hold close to 90% of the market share. In India, while there are more than a hundred fantasy gaming apps offering cricket, the platforms offering fantasy baseball are pretty limited, and the most popular among them is Dream 11. Other sites like Ballebaazi.com offer them too, but none can match the popularity of Dream 11.

How to play fantasy baseball on Dream 11

To play fantasy baseball on Dream 11, you must create a team of 9 players within a fixed budget of 100 credits. Your team needs to have players from both teams, with a maximum of 6 players allowed from a single team. Each fantasy team should have at least

  • 2 outfielders
  • 2 infielder
  • 1 pitcher
  • 1 catcher

You will also need to select a Captain and a Vice-Captain for your team, who are awarded 2x and 1.5x points respectively for their performance.

The players will be awarded points based on their performance in the game, like reaching the first, second or third base, home runs, stolen bases, and strikeouts. There are also negative points for runs conceded, Hit allowed, and Walk. The team owners who top the leaderboards are awarded cash prizes if they participate in paid contests. One also has the option to play free practice contests.

What are the best fantasy baseball betting sites? We think Dream11 is the clear answer here with everyone else a distant second.