What Are the Best IPL Betting Apps?

The IPL is around the corner and this year is going to be extra special. India has been without cricket for the longest time because of COVID-19 and the excitement is even more than usual. A lot of people enjoy betting on the IPL. They know the game, the players, and follow the tournament closely. So, what are the best IPL betting apps? Is there a way to bet easily with real money on the IPL from India? Read on.

What are the best IPL betting apps?

There are a number of apps that you can use to bet on the IPL with real money but two stand out above the rest:

Why Betway and Bet365?

  • Safe – Both of these betting companies are from the UK. To get a betting license from the UK is one of the gold standards of the industry and so you know your money is safe.
  • Easy to use – The user-interface that these apps offer is better than almost all of the others.
  • Great odds – Betting and making money becomes much easier with good odds because you get more return for the risk you are taking. Betway and Bet365 deliver on those counts.
  • Excellent deposit and withdrawal options – A betting app is no good if you cannot deposit money or withdraw your winnings! Both Betway and Bet365 offer a number of easy ways to make this part of the betting journey easy.
  • Fantastic range of betting markets – there are a number of betting markets for every match like Most sixes, Best bowler, combination bets, and accumulators. Betway and Bet365 do a great job of giving you plenty of options to bet on.

In conclusion, Betting online in India can be a bit tricky because of the vague laws of the country. Overall, we think the experience you will get with Betway and Bet365 is going to be better than with the others.